Screen Printing

    Screen Printing

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is an age old process dating back over 2000 years, these days it is a dying art due to digital technologies as there are few screenprinters around these days, but digital technology can never fully replace the versatility of the screenprinting process, with a wide range of colours & ink types each designed to adhere to different compounds enabling us to print onto virtually any material, from papers & plastics to metal & glass there is almost no material that we cant print direct onto, we are also able to screenprint direct onto pre-formed shaped objects.

How does pricing work?

Screen printing is most beneficial when printing large run jobs, the larger the quantity required the cheaper the unit cost becomes, costs can also increase/decrease depending on the material type & also the amount of colours per design etc.

Want a quote?

We offer trade prices with further reductions on large runs making us hard to beat! contact a member of our team for a quote.

  • Print onto almost any material
  • Ideal for large runs & repeat work
  • Bulk printing discount
  • Bespoke print service
  • Longlife inks